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JJIS Information

JJIS Release Information 2014

File Release Date Modules/Items Affected
Release 5.01 April 11, 2014 JJIS Web Conversion to .NET 2010; JJIS Login Screen; Case Notebook Case Review Report; Probation Resource Booking; DRAI; Waiting and Commitment Conference Summary in Bed Management; Youth Placement - Probation; Observation Log and email notifications in FMS; YES Plan; Photo Upload; Secure Detention Admission Wizard in New Web Forms; Special Alerts; Youth Placement and Disposition screens in Intake Web; Prevention Web; Program Monitoring Management (PMM) and Office of Health Services Web Forms

JJIS Release Information 2013

File Release Date Modules/Items Affected
Release 5.00 December 12, 2013 Login Screen, System Environment
PMM / PAT September 13, 2013 New Modules: Program Monitoring and Management, Prevention Assessment Tool
CTS April 5, 2013 New Modules: Contract Tracking System

JJIS Release Information 2012

File Release Date Modules/Items Affected
Release 4.15 June 8, 2012 Bed Management Reports; Conference Summary – Probation; Facility Program Management Module; Non-Placement Reconciliation by Commitment Mgr; Non-Placement Reconciliation by Facility; Non-Placement Reconciliation by Youth; Office of Health Services – New Module; User Administration Module; Waiting Module
Release 4.14 April 13, 2012  Youth Search Screens in Intake Web; Youth Search Screens, Contract Administration Module, Contract Management Module, Facility Program Management Module, and User Administration Module in JJIS Web; Prevention Web - New System Redesign
Release 4.13 December 2, 2012  Edit Charges Screen and Youth Registration in Intake Web; Case Notebook; Youth Management, Facility Inspection, Facility Management and Reports in Facility Management System; PACT Mental Health & Substance Abuse Screening Report and Referral Form and Waiver Report in New Web Forms; Detention Cost Share

JJIS Release Information 2011

File Release Date Modules/Items Affected
Release 4.12 September 23, 2011 Family Member Module / Address Change Worksheet Screen; Youth Registration\Maintenance Module; Manage Caseload Reports ; Referral Module / Disposition Screen; Close Charges Module and Merge Youth Module in Intake Web; Supervisory Review within Case Notebook; Evidence Based Services; Incident PAR Review, Confinement Review, Meeting Minutes and Short Term Group in Facility Management System Module; Youth Placement Probation; New Web Forms; PACT, YNAS Plan Fixes; Central Communication System (CCC); Detention Cost Share Detention Cost Sharing (DCS); Prevention Web / Civil Citation
Release 4.11 June 24, 2011 New and updated Web Forms; Maintenance and/or Internal MIS Fixes for Address Change Worksheet, JJIS Search Screen, User Administration Module, Prevention Web; Close Reader Changes in JJIS Web and Intake Web; PACT PDR; Youth Placement History; Violation Of Probation; Youth Placement Probation; Waiting Module; Delete Wizard; DRAI; Case Notebook, Probation Resource Booking, Alerts Module, Close Charges; Report conversion for IT Management, Detention, Probation, Prevention and Residential, JPO Special Reports, DIO Reports, JPO Manage Caseload Reports

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