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JJIS Information


The JJIS Instructional PowerPoints were created to aid the user with the use of print screens and text to easily navigate through the selected JJIS modules. Each instructional presentation has been converted to PDF and is listed alphabetically below.

Case Notebook

Civil Citation Tracking

Community Assessment Tool

JJIS on the Florida Criminal Justice Network

Cost of Care

Evidence-Based Services

Human Trafficking Screening Tool

Introduction to JJIS

Manage Caseload

Sex Offender Registration (SOR)

Staff Verification System (SVS)

JJIS Tip Sheets

These JJIS Tip Sheets were developed by the Data Integrity Officers to provide quick information on completing a specific task in JJIS.

Contact your local DIO with any questions or suggestions for additional tip sheets.

    JJIS Release Changes 5/3/19

    Civil Citation Tracking

    Human Trafficking Screening Tool

    Juvenile Diversion Alternative Program (JDAP)

    Pre- and Post Disposition Report

    Program Monitoring and Management

    Probation Resource Booking

    Registration Wizard

    Tip Sheets for Contract Managers

    These JJIS Tip Sheets were developed by the Data Integrity Officers to serve as a resource for contract managers.


    These comprehensive user guides were created to provide detailed information on specific modules within JJIS.

    Contact your local DIO with any questions or suggestions regarding these user guides.

      JJIS System Modules

      These modules are available from the System dropdown when you log in to JJIS.

      JJIS Web Modules

      These modules are available for selection within JJIS once you are logged in.

      JJIS Release Information 2015

      File Release Date Modules/Items Affected
      Security Enhancements December 4, 2015 Juvenile Justice Information System (JJIS); Seal & Expunge; Detention Cost Share (DCS); Central Communication Center (CCC); Staff Verification System (SVS); Criminal Justice Network (CJNET); State Transportation Operation Placement (STOP); Background Screening Unit (BSU); Cost of Care (COC)

      JJIS Release Information 2014

      File Release Date Modules/Items Affected
      Release 5.02 October 3, 2014 Non-Secure Transition from Low & Moderate Risk Placement: Charge Disposition screen; Facility module; PACT PDR Web form; Conference Summary – Probation; Conference Summary – Commitment; Waiting module; Bed Management Reports; Youth Placement – History; Youth Placement – Facility; Youth Release; Detention Cost Share; Youth Face Sheet; Critical Alerts Reports and module; IT Management Reports; RPACT Management Reports; JPO Special Reports JJIS Enhancements/Fixes: Alerts Report module (fix); PACT Post-Disposition Report (fix); Human Trafficking Alerts (3 new alerts); Charge screen - Legal Representation (enhancement); Teen Court Disposition (fix)
      EMR August 1, 2014 New Module: Office of Health Services (OHS) Electronic Medical Records System (EMR)
      EEEP July 11, 2014 New Module: Electronic Educational Exit Plan (EEEP)
      Release 5.01 April 11, 2014 JJIS Web Conversion to .NET 2010; JJIS Login Screen; Case Notebook Case Review Report; Probation Resource Booking; DRAI; Waiting and Commitment Conference Summary in Bed Management; Youth Placement - Probation; Observation Log and email notifications in FMS; YES Plan; Photo Upload; Secure Detention Admission Wizard in New Web Forms; Special Alerts; Youth Placement and Disposition screens in Intake Web; Prevention Web; Program Monitoring Management (PMM) and Office of Health Services Web Forms

      JJIS Release Information 2013

      File Release Date Modules/Items Affected
      Release 5.00 December 12, 2013 Login Screen, System Environment
      PMM / PAT September 13, 2013 New Modules: Program Monitoring and Management, Prevention Assessment Tool
      CTS April 5, 2013 New Modules: Contract Tracking System

      JJIS Release Information 2012

      File Release Date Modules/Items Affected
      Release 4.15 June 8, 2012 Bed Management Reports; Conference Summary – Probation; Facility Program Management Module; Non-Placement Reconciliation by Commitment Mgr; Non-Placement Reconciliation by Facility; Non-Placement Reconciliation by Youth; Office of Health Services – New Module; User Administration Module; Waiting Module
      Release 4.14 April 13, 2012  Youth Search Screens in Intake Web; Youth Search Screens, Contract Administration Module, Contract Management Module, Facility Program Management Module, and User Administration Module in JJIS Web; Prevention Web - New System Redesign
      Release 4.13 December 2, 2012  Edit Charges Screen and Youth Registration in Intake Web; Case Notebook; Youth Management, Facility Inspection, Facility Management and Reports in Facility Management System; PACT Mental Health & Substance Abuse Screening Report and Referral Form and Waiver Report in New Web Forms; Detention Cost Share

      JJIS Release Information 2011

      File Release Date Modules/Items Affected
      Release 4.12 September 23, 2011 Family Member Module / Address Change Worksheet Screen; Youth Registration\Maintenance Module; Manage Caseload Reports ; Referral Module / Disposition Screen; Close Charges Module and Merge Youth Module in Intake Web; Supervisory Review within Case Notebook; Evidence Based Services; Incident PAR Review, Confinement Review, Meeting Minutes and Short Term Group in Facility Management System Module; Youth Placement Probation; New Web Forms; PACT, YNAS Plan Fixes; Central Communication System (CCC); Detention Cost Sharing (DCS); Prevention Web / Civil Citation
      Release 4.11 June 24, 2011 New and updated Web Forms; Maintenance and/or Internal MIS Fixes for Address Change Worksheet, JJIS Search Screen, User Administration Module, Prevention Web; Close Reader Changes in JJIS Web and Intake Web; PACT PDR; Youth Placement History; Violation Of Probation; Youth Placement Probation; Waiting Module; Delete Wizard; DRAI; Case Notebook, Probation Resource Booking, Alerts Module, Close Charges; Report conversion for IT Management, Detention, Probation, Prevention and Residential, JPO Special Reports, DIO Reports, JPO Manage Caseload Reports