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YEM/PAR Certification

Information on the Youth Engagement Model / Protective Action Response Certification.

The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice embarked on a mission to revise the Protective Action Response (PAR) training curriculum. The scope of the revision project is to transition the existing PAR intervention model to the Right Interactions: Youth Engagement Model. The Office of Staff Development and Training (SD&T) in collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders have been charged with the revision project. Right Interactions (PAR) will focus more on trauma responsiveness, verbal, and non-physical safety intervention techniques to prevent crisis episodes, while using physical intervention as a last resort. The Right Interactions (PAR) curriculum will offer tools and training in verbal techniques, scenario-based learning for both verbal and physical engagement with youth, and training in physical intervention techniques.

RI: PAR Unit Functions

  • Conducting training
  • Provide on-site support
  • Provide technical assistance to regional program area
  • Complete PAR Fidelity reviews
  • Review reporting and trends analysis
  • SD&T members are stationed out of Escambia, Leon, Hillsborough and Palm Beach counties

Current News: 

Phase II of the Right Interactions Pilot program continues for our Detention, Residential, and Probation sites. Initial rollout training is projected to conclude this month, with training continuing following the hiring of additional direct care staff at pilot sites. The next PAR Instructor Certification Renewal is scheduled for the last week of April (virtual) and first week of May (physical). Data collection continues, including PAR Reports, addendums, CCC reporting, and staff surveys.