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DJJ Leadership Microlearning Pilot Program Launches

Investing in staff to enhance and develop leadership & management skills

SD&T is excited to announce the launch of the Leadership Microlearning Pilot Program! The pilot program offers approximately 100 selected juvenile justice professionals statewide an opportunity to support and develop their leadership and management skills.

Leadership and management training has been identified as a top staff need. Research shows that investing in staff to develop and enhance job skills heightens employee engagement, which in turn results in better performance and staff retention.

Director Denny Clark offers thanks on behalf of SD&T to the following individuals for their strong support in presenting this pilot learning opportunity to juvenile justice staff:  Assistant Secretary for Detention Services Dixie Fosler, Interim Assistant Secretary for Probation and Community Intervention Paul Hatcher, Director of Program Accountability Amy Johnson, Bureau Chief of Human Resources Dodye Garye, FJJA Executive Director Cathy Craig-Myers, the DJJ Training Advisory Council, Minnora Bishop, Christopher Goodman, Maureen Honan, Morrison King, Faye Mack, Naomi Screen, Ann Schulte and Eugene Morris. For their assistance and teamwork in creating the pilot, kudos to DJJ’s Latrice Covington, Nikole Ellis, Kimi Johnson, Samadhi Jones, Kenny Reeves and Jennifer Sherlock, and to Grovo’s Matt Anderson and Hillary Manne.

Got a minute or so? Online microlearning is a cutting-edge approach that is ideally suited to the busy schedules of juvenile justice professionals. For the pilot, SD&T chose Grovo, a leader in microlearning. Grovo structures content as one- to four-minute videos. All that’s needed is a computer or smart device with internet access. Participants complete their lessons at the times that suit them best!

What do the participants get? The video-based microlearning tool can help build skills in a way that fits with a busy schedule. Pilot participants can view pre-loaded videos that focus on leadership and management skills, and are also invited to explore the site and click the videos that appeal to them. Grovo’s library has more than 5,000 video lessons! Freedom of choice helps SD&T understand staff learning preferences. Two certificates are also available.


Leadership and Management Videos

  • Skill-building videos, 1- to 4-minutes long
  • Quick questions follow each video to confirm understanding

Mandatory Weekly Surveys

  • Assess the suitability of microlearning juvenile justice professionals
  • Data will be used to determine usage preferences

Optional Coaching Support

  • Learner-driven conversation
  • Coach helps select videos that align with learners’ needs, and/or practice newly-learned skills
  • Available to all participants throughout the pilot
  • Supervisors are welcome to participate

Basic Leadership course content:

  1. Attention Management
  2. Building Consensus and Commitment
  3. Communication Fundamentals
  4. Communicating and Interacting with Others
  5. Developing Self and Others
  6. Leadership
  7. Leading and Managing Change
  8. Leveraging and Optimizing Performance
  9. Stress Management

SD&T’s Leadership Microlearning Pilot Program will run from July 10 through September 30, 2015. For more information, please email Kenny.Reeves@djj.state.fl.us