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SD&T presents Top Trends at 2015 Adolescent Conference

Director Denny Clark and Samadhi Jones conducted a break-out session titled Top Trends in Talent Management at the 2015 Adolescent Conference in Orlando on May 25, 2015.

Attendees gained a new and different look at talent management, a success-oriented approach to building teams and developing professional skills that heightens employee engagement. Participants examined the convergence and implications of trending practices in a lively discussion about the possibilities for their own organizations. Participants also were introduced to the individual development plan (IDP), an effective coaching tool to bring out the best in employees and retain rising stars.

Thanks to all the participants for their contributions and insights, especially Chief of Staff Fred Schuknecht and Assistant Secretary for Detention Dixie Fosler! The insight gained by the discussion is being incorporated into an upcoming instructor-led workshop that focuses on employee engagement and professional development. For more information, contact Samadhi Jones.