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SD&T News

February is Innovation Month at SD&T!

New initiatives and/or tools related to professional learning or staff development will be announced weekly! 

February 6, 2015 (Click here for a printable version.)

NEW! E-learning courses in the SkillPro Learning Library:

A Balanced Approach to Restorative Justice - This course will familiarize you with the concept of Restorative Justice and the application of its principles within the Department of Juvenile Justice.

 Word 2013 Essentials - Introduction to Microsoft Word 2013 shows users how to create, edit and share a document.

 Outlook 2013 Advanced - This e-course shows users how to take advantage of some of the more advanced features of Microsoft Outlook 2013, including customizing our profile, managing junk email, and working with notes and tasks.

 PowerPoint 2013 Advanced - This e-course goes beyond creating basic Microsoft PowerPoint slides to show users how to make presentations more engaging by adding SmartArt, sound, video, and other cool tools.

COMING IN MAY: Top Trends Transforming Talent Management (instructor-led workshop)
If you are a leader or aspiring to be a leader, you know the workforce is rapidly transforming. How will it impact your organization? Join DJJ leaders from the Office of Staff Development and Training for a new and different look at talent management, a success-oriented approach to building teams and developing professional skills that heightens employee engagement. This workshop will extrapolate the convergence and implications of trending practices in a lively discussion that will give you food for thought about the possibilities for your organization. Participants will also learn how to use an individual development plan, an effective coaching tool to bring out the best in employees and retain your rising stars.