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SD&T: Cultivating Continual Learning and Professional Development

Offering juvenile justice workers meaningful learning experiences and professional development tools supports their commitment and ability to help Florida's children. Therefore, the DJJ Office of Staff Development and Training (SD&T) promotes a love for continual learning within the DJJ culture.

SD&T has taken a strategic look at how we do business in serving the needs of juvenile justice professionals. Building on the trusted tools and services we are noted for delivering, we are focused on collaborating with our stakeholders to boost learning engagement even higher!

On January 13, 2015, Director Denny Clark and Deputy Director Cina Wilson Johnson presented SD&T’s strategic initiatives and projects to the DJJ Executive Leadership Team. The presentation provided useful information that will allow other DJJ program areas and offices to better utilize the expertise, services and tools that SD&T offers.

SD&T's strategic plan was developed during a full team retreat that was held in October 2014. SD&T team members collaborated to create a vibrant set of initiatives, which addressed four topics: technology, in-service training, changing workforce demographics and engagement with providers. 

Highlights from the initiatives include:

  • Emphasis on micro-learning
  • Phased enhancements to SkillPro
  • Creation of a SD&T advisory council
  • Introduction of an individual development plan tool

DJJ Executive Leadership Team members were provided a schedule of upcoming SD&T training events, a list of mandatory and elective e-courses, and a refresher on the Custom Content feature in SkillPro (DJJ's learning management system), which allows users to record the completion of courses and instructor-led sessions that are not offered by the agency. 

To view the presentation slides, click the links below.

SD&T Cultivating Continual Learning

SD&T Strategic Initiatives

SD&T 2015 Training Schedule, SkillPro Custom Content and e-Courses