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SkillPro update for 01.09.2015

NEW COURSE—Human Trafficking
This course introduces the learner to the nature and scope of human trafficking, trains them to recognize the signs of trafficking in victims, and teaches them what to do if they suspect someone is a victim of human traffickers.

Annual SkillPro Online Training
Some users have not yet completed their required training for 2014. Training coordinators are responsible for making sure that each of their users has completed all courses on his/her My Learning path. You can access your users’ information from your My Learning page using the drop-down search boxes, shown below.


For clarification on training requirements, please review staff training policy FDJJ – 1520. If you have any questions, you may submit them using the Get Help! button in SkillPro. Be sure to include your name, email address and telephone number with your question.



PROFESSIONAL ELECTIVES/IN-SERVICE COURSES: If in-service training hours are needed to fulfill annual training requirements, use the Search key in the Learning Library to browse courses by topic of interest. A sample is shown below.

COURSE TEST REMINDER: When taking a course posttest, select the “Record Score and Exit Course” button must be selected for the score to be recorded and the course to be reported as “complete.” SkillPro will not record the test score if the user does not click "Record Score and Exit Course” button at the bottom of the test results screen. If the user exit by clicking on one of your browser buttons (“X” button at top right of screen or back arrow at the top left), there will not be a record of the score. If no is scored recorded, the user must re-take the posttest.