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SkillPro Annual Training Requirements

Annual SkillPro online training must be completed by December 31. You can get to SkillPro by clicking the Login to SkillPro button  at the top of the SD&T webpage, or the SkillPro logo on your computer desktop. Required online courses are linked on your My Learning page. If you have any questions, you may submit them using the Get Help! button in SkillPro. Be sure to include your name, email address and telephone number. For clarification on training requirements, please review staff training policy FDJJ - 1520.


You can get your User ID by clicking I forgot my User ID on the login screen. Click I forgot my Password to get a temporary password. First-time users must set up their security questions when setting a password, or they will need a SkillPro administrator to unlock their account. If your account is locked, please see your training coordinator for assistance.

COURSE TEST REMINDER: When taking a course posttest, you must select the “Record Score and Exit Course” button for your score to be recorded and reported as “complete.” SkillPro will not record your test score if you do not click the "Record Score and Exit Course” button at the bottom of the test results screen. If you exit by clicking on one of your browser buttons (“X” button at top right of screen or back arrow at the top left), there will not be a record of your score. If no is scored recorded, you must re-take the posttest.