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SkillPro status update for 11-07-2014

Status Update

November 7, 2014

NEW COURSE! Communication is the Key to Success

Good communication is at the heart of getting along at work. This course describes the three parts of communication, identifies miscommunications, describes why communication is important, and the effects diversity can have on communication.

Fixes in Progress 

  • Please disregard any email notification that suicide prevention trainer certification is set to expire. A system error is causing an automatically generated email notice to go to some users.
  • Providers: If your empty user list shows as empty (no users), submit a support request using the “Get Help!” feature and it will be corrected.

New e-courses under development 

  • Stress Management
  • Human Trafficking

PASSWORD RESETS: Please submit these requests to your training coordinator. If your training coordinator is unavailable and you urgently need to access SkillPro, submit the request with your contact information to SkillPro@djj.state.fl.us.

TRAINING COORDINATORS: If one of your staff members needs a password reset, please make sure you submit the request in SkillPro using the Get Help! or Support Request feature.

Please verify the correct contact information is in SkillPro for each of your staff members. Several users have submitted requests without contact information, and none has been entered on their SkillPro user account. As a result, their issues cannot be resolved. Contact information can be edited by training coordinators, but not by users. Please verify that each user’s email address and telephone number is correct, including the email addresses that are automatically generated for state workers. To do so, click User Admin / Manage User / Manage Position / Position Details. The editable email and telephone number fields are on the lower right side of the page.