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CPM Candidates Announced for the 2014-16 Cohort


October 14, 2014


Secretary Christina Daly today announced the names of the applicants accepted to the DJJ Certified Public Manager cohort for 2014-16. Please congratulate the following individuals, who were selected from a wide field of candidates.


Lut Clarcq, Probation Reform Specialist for Circuit 20

Sandi Coker, Staff Development and Training Supervisor of Curriculum & Evaluation

Cassandra Evans, Chief Probation Officer for Circuit 17

T. Dodie Garye, Personnel Human Resource Analyst

Katherine Jackowski, Research and Planning Senior Management Analyst Supervisor

Stacey Kakarigi, Detention Senior Management Analyst II

Joshua Kuch, Prevention Statewide DMC Coordinator

Michele Lewis, General Services Director of Purchasing and Leasing

Michell McCarthy, Residential GOC II  for Placement and Classification

Garrett O. Tucker, Program Accountability Senior Management Analyst Supervisor

Condelia Ward, Program Accountability Contract Management Deputy Supervisor

Elisa Watson, General Counsel Public Information Officer


CPM is a nationally recognized program that builds management and leadership skills among public service employees. It is the highest level of leadership development currently offered by the Department. The two-year CPM course of study is conducted by the Florida Center for Public Management (FCPM) at Florida State University. FCPM is highly respected and widely recognized for its strong curriculum. To learn more, visit the FCPM website at http://www.fcpm.fsu.edu.