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Policy Memoranda

Review official communication regarding Residential Services policy.

Policy Number  Subject Date
 PCI-12-001 Low Risk to Reoffend Youth in Residential Commitment   03/16/2012
  Interim Policy Memorandum: Attorney of Record  11/24/2010
  Transportation of Youth to Their Residential Commitment Placement  11/15/2010
 PCI-10-001 Factors in Recommending Sanctions for Violation of Conditional Release  03/10/2010
  Repeal of the Residential Services Manual  09/02/2009
  Clarification of Escape Reporting to the CCC  08/07/2009
  Electronic Commitment Packet  07/24/2009
  Escape Reviews  07/24/2009
  PAR Reports  07/24/2009
  Volunteer Services Report  07/24/2009
  Length of Stay Reporting and Follow Up  07/23/2009
  Final Transportation Protocol for Youth Released from Commitment  04/30/2009
 PCI-09-001 Policy Clarification for Commitment Staffings and Comprehensive Evaluations  03/18/2009
  Outcome Based Corrective Action Plans Involving Medical or Mental Health Deficiencies  02/12/2009
  Policy Clarification for Comprehensive Evaluations  01/27/2009
  New Transportation Protocol for Youth Released from Commitment  11/20/2008
  Medicaid Child in Care Pilot Project Procedures  11/18/2008
  Transportation Guidelines  10/12/2008
  Commitment Management Process  09/28/2008
  Residential Training Academy Updates  09/05/2008
  Substance Abuse Reporting Requirements  08/07/2008
  Utilization of Direct-care Staff Prior to Certification to Supervised Youth  07/10/2008
  Returning Youth Records to Probation  07/08/2008
 PCI-08-005 Child in Care Medicaid Application and Staff Training Responsibilities  03/05/2008