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Just the FAQs

The following technical briefs, Just the FAQs, provide answers to frequently asked questions about operating residential commitment programs in Florida.
 Issue Subject Date 
No. 1  Child In Care (CIC) Medicaid Coverage for Alien Youth  June 2010
No. 2
 Holds Placed on Youth Arrested While In Commitment  July 2010
No. 3  Med-Pass Best Practices  Sept 2010
No. 4  Medical Billing  Oct 2010
No. 5  Helping Youth Transition Home from a Residential Program  Nov 2010
No. 6  Restraint-Free Environments  Dec 2010
No. 7  CCC Reporting  Jan 2011
No. 8  Victim Notification  Feb 2011
No. 9  Effective Behavior Management  March 2011
No. 10  Releasing Records  April 2011
No. 11  3 Rs in Residential  July 2011
No. 12  DNA Collection  Sept 2011