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Visit any of the pages below to learn more about juvenile recidivism in Florida, current youth program performance, delinquency in schools, and the disproportionate involvement of minorities with DJJ.

Comprehensive Accountability ReportView the Comprehensive Accountability Report, used by the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice to report the outputs and outcomes of juvenile justice programs in Florida.Read More
Delinquency in SchoolsLearn more about the number of youth and arrests for delinquent offenses occurring on school grounds, a school bus (or bus stop) or at an official school event.Read More
Disproportionate Minority Contact ReportsLearn more about the disproportionate involvement of minority youth with the Juvenile Justice System.Read More
DJJ Monthly Accountability ScorecardLearn more about the DJJ Monthly Accountability Scorecard, a tracking mechanism that provides data on key indicators of the agency’s performance.Read More
QI Data ReportsView Quality Improvement (QI) Data Reports containing output and outcome measures reported for Residential Services and Detention Services. Data is reported by program and program type.Read More
Service Continuum AnalysisView the Service Continuum Analysis report and its companion interactive web-based report. The report and its companion provide a broad range of information on services available to youth at a county level, service needs, and progress on key reform goals at a county level.Read More