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Common Definitions


The Common Definitions document is the cumulative result of annual meetings that DJJ program evaluators have convened over the past several years. These meetings give stakeholders in the juvenile justice system a chance to discuss how the output and outcome measures of program performance are defined and developed from available data. The document represents the work of staff from DJJ, the Legislature, the Office of Program Policy and Government Accountability (OPPAGA), the office of Economic and Demographic Research (EDR), program providers, and other juvenile justice stakeholders. As data entry business rules evolve, new features of the DJJ information system such, as the bed management system, come on line and new demands for performance measures are made, changes and improvements take place in our evaluation system. The Common Definitions document includes items that are intended to provide information concerning these changes, to document data analysis processes, and also to raise issues that should be considered by this stakeholder group in the future.