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Residential Data Reports

The Residential Data Reports contain output and outcome measures reported for each program open during the fiscal year. Each program is identified by program name, provider, program group (i.e. restrictiveness level and sex) and program type. Quarterly measures will be updated the month following the end of the quarter and the annual measures will be updated annually during the third quarter of each fiscal year.

The button below will open the Residential Data Reports in an interactive window. The drop down menus on the first sheet should be used to populate data for a particular program. Navigating from one sheet to the next can be done by using the "next page" or "previous page" buttons at the top corners of each page, or by selecting a gray tab at the top. Definitions of measures reported are located at the very end. To print a view, export it to PDF by using the arrow icon at the bottom center of the view and selecting 'PDF' and the sheets to export. Printing instructions are also available below or on the first page of the data report.