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Duval County

Circuit 4 Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative (JDAI)

Duval Collaborative


DJJ JDAI Contacts

JDAI Coordinator:

Amy Read


(904) 391-3854

Chief Probation Officer:

Donna Webb


(904) 391-3830 ext. 2055

Regional Director:

Gwen Steverson


(850) 661-9484

Schedule of Meetings for 2018

June 27, 2018

JDAI Executive Committee Members  
Name Title/Organization Email Address Telephone Number
Laura Lambert
Director of Juvenile Division,
State Attorney Office
laural@coj.net (904) 255-2923
Rob Mason
Director of Juvenile Division,
Public Defender’s Office
mason@pd4.coj.net (904) 255-4721
Linda Compton Operations Manager, Child Protection,
Department of Children and Families
Linda.Compton@dcf.state.fl.us (904) 485-9599
Tim Denton Asst. Chief Probation Officer,
Department of Juvenile Justice
tim.denton@djj.state.fl.us (904) 391-3831
Betsy Dobbins Managing Attorney,
Center for Children's Rights
bdobbins@jaxccr.org (904) 242-6936
Michael Edwards Chief of School Board Police,
Duval County Public Schools
EdwardsM4@duvalschools.org (904) 390-2000
Elizabeth Kenny Assistant Division Chief, Zone 1,
Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office
Elizabeth.Kenny@jaxsheriff.org (904) 626-5431
Lawanda Ravoira Chief Executive Officer,
Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center
lravoira@seethegirl.org (904) 237-8666
Jackie Simmons Exec. Director,
Discipline & Support Services,
Duval County Public Schools
SimmonsJ@duvalschools.org (904) 390-2032
Debbie Verges Project Director,
Jacksonville Journey,
DVerges@coj.net (904) 630-1878
Donna Webb Chief Probation Officer,
Department of Juvenile Justice
Donna.Webb@djj.state.fl.us (904) 391-3830
Katoia Wilkins Contract Manager, Youth Programs,
Kids Hope Alliance
KWilkins@coj.net (904) 630-3725