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Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC)


DMC as defined in the Juvenile Delinquency Prevention (JJDP) Act, exists when “the proportion of juveniles detained or confined in secure detention facilities, secure correctional facilities, jails, and lockups who are members of minority groups exceeds the proportion such groups represent in the general population.” Accordingly, if a state finds that minority juveniles disproportionately come in contact with the juvenile justice system, the state is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to address this issue.

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DMC Programs currently being funded

The Department of Juvenile Justice is currently in the process of awarding a contract that will result in the development and dissemination of a curriculum designed for Law Enforcement that will address the contributing factors to DMC.  Additional information can be located on the Bureau of Contracting page at: http://www.djj.state.fl.us/partners/contracting/doing-business-with-the-state .

Juvenile Justice System Improvement Project

The Juvenile Justice System Improvement Project (JJSIP) is designed to help states improve outcomes for juvenile offenders by better translating knowledge on "what works" into everyday practice and policy. Intensive technical assistance will be provided to the selected states from August 2011 to January 2013 to support them in their efforts to implement the JJSIP. 

Center for Juvenile Justice Reform is pleased to announce that the following states (and demonstration sites) have been selected for JJSIP implementation:

  • Maricopa County, Arizona 
  • Hartford, Connecticut
  • Pinellas County, Florida
  • Berks County, Pennsylvania