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Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC)

Definition of Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC)

DMC as defined in the Juvenile Delinquency Prevention (JJDP) Act, exists when “the proportion of juveniles detained or confined in secure detention facilities, secure correctional facilities, jails, and lockups who are members of minority groups exceeds the proportion such groups represent in the general population.” Accordingly, if a state finds that minority juveniles disproportionately come in contact with the juvenile justice system, the state is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to address this issue.

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Definition of Racial and Ethnic Disparity (RED)

Racial and ethnic disparity is the unequal treatment or disproportionately punitive responses compared to other similarly situated races and ethnicities resulting in disparate outcomes.

DMC VS RED, What's the Difference?

This is an image of the Logo for the Florida Race Equity Challenge.

What is the Florida Race Equity Challenge?

Florida’s Race Equity Challenge is a web-based experience that will provide collaborative groups with the education and tools to identify and tackle issues related to race, equity, and inclusion (REI) within the juvenile justice system.

Interactive Data

The Disproportionate Minority Contact Benchmark Report provides useful information at the county level for determining whether Disproportionate Minority Contact issues are present within a given jurisdiction requiring additional evaluation and efforts to address any problems. Statewide information is presented with interactive, dynamic filtering enabling the user to make appropriate comparisons across judicial areas. Rankings of counties, based on the one-year Relative Rate Index (RRI), is also provided. Data included in this report are structured uniformly to identify potential DMC/RED issues within each county.

Statewide and Regional RED/DMC Coordinators

The Statewide RED/DMC Coordinator supervises staff and intiatives statewide and is located at the agency's headquarters in Tallahassee. Regional Coordinators are located in each region of the state and oversee activities that take place at the circuit level.

For information on RED/DMC activities at the State or local levels, visit one of these pages:

For more information, contact:

Minnora Bishop

RED/DMC Statewide Coordinator

(850) 717-2709