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Institutional Review Board (IRB) Requests

Researchers may contact the IRB if they are interested in working with DJJ on a research effort. In order to protect the rights of the youth, the IRB carefully reviews each research proposal.

The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice encourages and supports research efforts conducted by qualified researchers that contribute to our knowledge about juvenile delinquency and criminal justice.  However, because the children under the care and custody of the Department lack the legal capacity to consent to participate in research, the Department is responsible to protect their rights and ensure their well being.

Therefore, our regulations require a careful review of the risks and benefits involved in research proposals, the juvenile's assent, and departmental permission for their participation in research. 


Please be advised that the completion of data requests, review of modifications to existing IRB submissions, requests for expedited desk reviewed submissions and other requests are contingent upon Department deadlines, priorities, and the availability of resources as determined by the Director of Research.

How to Submit an IRB Application

Fill out Application Forms

The instructional handbook and required forms can be accessed online in the Forms Library. Please contact the IRB Director if you have any questions or concerns.

Note: Applicants must under go Background Screening. Please use form number IG/BSU-002 and IG/BSU-003. The Requester for part B of form number IG/BSU-002 is the IRB Director (see contact information below).

Send Completed Documents to:

Erika Gaeta

IRB Director

2737 Centerview Dr.
Suite 1200
Tallahassee, FL 32399-3100

(850) 717-2639


 2014 IRB Meeting Dates  2014 Submission Deadlines
 End of February 2014  January 31, 2014
 End of May 2014  April 30, 2014
 End of August 2014  July 31, 2014
 Beginning of December 2014  October 31, 2014

Please note: Documents have recently been updated.
Reports, grant applications, or IRB applications for other agencies will not be accepted in place of the required information in the specified format.

Should you have any questions regarding the completion of the forms, or which parts are not applicable to your protocol, please contact the IRB Director.