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Delinquency Profile

2012-2013 Delinquency Profile

The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice's "electronic release" of data on delinquency referrals, the Delinquency Profile,  examines Florida's juvenile justice system at several points of the juvenile justice continuum:

  • Civil Citation
  • Intake
  • Disposition
  • Judicial/Non-Judicial Handling
  • Court-Diversion programs
  • Juvenile Probation
  • Residential Commitment
  • Transfers to the Adult Court System

In addition to statewide figures, the Profile makes it possible to access data broken down by judicial circuit and county level via an interactive web-based format. Data is presented in both tabular and graphic format, by offense type, race, age and sex. The Profile uses data from the Juvenile Justice Information System (JJIS). The Profile covers a five-year period, ending in the most recent fiscal year. Should earlier versions of the Profile be needed, please contact the Bureau of Research and Planning.

The Delinquency Profile & PACT

For a second year in a row, the members of the research team at DJJ have released the Profile in a software tool known as Tableau, a web-based format that will enable users to access the data interactively, requiring only a web-browser and Internet access to make it possible to obtain detailed delinquency data. For both new users unfamiliar with the Profile and old users that need assistance in making the transition from the previous editions of the Profile, what follows below is a user’s guide detailing how to use the interface to best effect, combining images from the new Profile with text instructions. The Florida Delinquency Profile User's Guide also provides a review of the methodology used to compile the data in the Profile.

This year a new component has been added to the profile. For the first time, a full five years of Positive Achievement Change Tool (PACT) risk and needs assessment data is available, enabling us to match five years of delinquency records to PACT assessment data and leverage that delinquency data with PACT "risk to re-offend" and "criminogenic needs" information. This gives us the opportunity to provide much richer interactive online analytics. A PACT Risk page, dedicated to providing risk to re-offend information, is now available. Additionally, a filter has been included for risk levels on all other displays, along with the locality and demographic filters which have always been a part of the profile. Click here for more information on the PACT.

A Map Dashboard is another new feature which provides the user with a snap-shot of critical data points at the county and statewide levels. Click on the map to view intake, disposition outcomes, civil citation use and race/ethnicity comparisons. A print-friendly version of this page is also available.

Please use the guide linked below to familiarize yourself with the new Profile, and should you encounter any difficulties with the package or have questions about the data, please contact the Bureau of Research and Planning.

Getting Started

To get started with the new Profile, click on the button below, which will open a new window in your browser to the website where the Profile is hosted. You may find it useful to keep the user guide window open while finding your way around the new interface.




For questions regarding the Delinquency Profile, contact: 



Mark A. Greenwald, M.J.P.M.

Director of Research

Florida Department of Juvenile Justice
2737 Centerview Drive, Suite 3100
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