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Twin Oaks Academy II
Image of the Juvenile Unit for Specialized Treatment (JUST) facility
/lori-jernigan twin-oaks-academy-ii 29841 Liberty Wilderness Road FL 32335 (850) 379-8344 (850) 379-3351 dlasseter@twinoaksfl.org 12, Ages 10-13 Twin Oaks Juvenile Development, Inc. http://www.twinoaksfl.org/ Nonsecure /facilities/restrictiveness-levels#nonsecure 2 Sumatra Donald Lasseter Director

Now located on the campus of the Juvenile Unit for Specialized Treatment (JUST), the Twin Oaks   Academy II program serves 12 males, ages 10 to 13, as a non-secure commitment program specifically designed for young adjudicated males who are in need of mental health overlay services and continuous care services. Continuous care services include transitional planning and in-home counseling services while the youth is in the program and for three months following the youth’s release from the program.  Priority for commitment placement is given to youth from the North Region so the continuous care services can be provided more readily.

Programming emphasizes academics, behavior management, anger control, individual accountability, and victim awareness. Mental health services are provided to youth in the program.  Family involvement is encouraged and there are ample recreational activities.

The anticipated average length of stay depends on the youth's pace of success in completing the individualized treatment plan and goals.

The Twin Oaks Academy II is a Type 2 program offering English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading, Physical Education, and elective courses. Elective courses focus on age appropriate career/vocational experiences and opportunities, community service training, extra tutoring in math and reading, and outdoor education.  Students  have the unique opportunity to participate in Jobs for Florida’s Graduates for alternative settings as an elective course and explore occupational options and gain knowledge in resume writing, employment interviewing skills, public speaking, telephone techniques, and decision making. 

The provider also offers students the opportunity to earn an industry recognized food safety certification. 

Education services are provided through the Liberty County School District. 

NOTE:  Do not rely on directions provided by an online map, GPS device, or a mobile mapping program, which pick up on different roads of the same name.

  • From Tallahassee: From Tallahassee, take Highway 20 west to Hosford. Turn left at the first traffic light onto Highway 65. Continue south on Highway 65 for approximately 17.5 miles. There will be a sign on the right indicating the entrance into the campus.


  • From Tallahassee:  Travel I-10 west to exit 181 (HWY 267). Turn left (south) on HWY 267 and follow approximately 35 miles. Road ends at HWY 20. Turn right (west) on HWY 20 and follow for approximately 17 miles. Turn left on to HWY 65 (south). Proceed 17.5 miles, program is on right.