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Cypress Creek Juvenile Offender Correctional Center / Cypress Creek Treatment Center
/billy-starke cypress-creek-jocc 2855 West Woodland Ridge Drive FL 34461 (352) 527-3091 (352) 527-3092 elonza.hendred@truecorebehavioral.com 96, Ages 15-21 TrueCore Behavioral Solutions, LLC http://www.truecorebehavioral.com/ High- & Maximum-Risk http://www.djj.state.fl.us/programs-facilities/restrictiveness-levels#Maximum 5 Lecanto Elonza Hendred Facility Administrator

The Cypress Creek Juvenile Offender Correctional Center is a maximum-risk, staff- and hardware-secure, residential male program with an anticipated, average length of stay between 18 and 36 months. A youth's length of stay varies based upon his treatment needs and his individual progress. The program provides specialized treatment services for 64 males, ages 15 to 21, who are in need of Mental Health Overlay Services (MHOS). 

The Cypress Creek Treatment Center is a high-risk residential program for 32 males, ages 15 to 21, who are in need of Mental Health Overlay Services (MHOS).  The anticipated average length of stay depends on the youth's pace of success in completing the individualized treatment plan and goals.

Treatment consists of evidence-based programming where residents receive mental health and substance abuse clinical services that include screening, comprehensive assessment, treatment planning and reviews, individual, group and family counseling, risk assessments, and transition/aftercare planning that are provided by qualified mental health and substance abuse professionals under the supervision of a licensed mental health professional. Psychiatric services including psychiatric evaluation, medication monitoring, treatment planning, and emergency consultation 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week are provided by a board certified psychiatrist.

Each program is highly structured and uses a positive behavior reinforcement system to recognize youth who demonstrate positive behaviors and skills.  Each program operates in a trauma-focused, restraint-free environment, providing medical, mental health, and substance abuse treatment that meets the individual needs of the youth.

Cypress Creek Juvenile Offender Correctional Center / Cypress Creek Treatment Center is a Type 2 program offering English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Reading. Career and technical opportunities are available to eligible youth.

Education services are provided through a contract between the program and the Citrus County School District.

This program serves as a GED® test site.

  • Take I-95 North to I-10 West to US 301 South towards Ocala.
  • Take SR 326 to connect to I-75 South to Tampa.
  • Take Exit 68 (SR 200) to Hernando/ Dunnellon.
  • Turn right on SR 200, and continue for 16 miles.
  • Turn right onto North Lecanto Highway (CR-491) and cross Highway 44.
  • Woodland Ridge Drive will be on left.