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Prevention Program Details

Harmony Development Center
12233 SW 55th Street
Suite 801
Cooper City
17 Broward

Myriam Camp-Goldman
(954) 766-4483
(954) 305-2388

Barbara Walton
Programs Director
(954) 594-9821


Provides  Families On Commitment for Understanding and Solutions (F.O.C.U.S.), an intensive 90-day program using the Evidence Based Practice Solution-Focused Brief Therapy model, to youth residing in high delinquency referral zip codes in Broward County. 

The program address the local issue of DMC and juvenile delinquency in Broward County to 100 none-offending siblings of referred youth and their families between the ages of 9 and 17 who are most at-risk of delinquent behavior. The goal of the program is to address the issue of DMC in Broward County by collaborating with juvenile justice and community stakeholders in connecting minority youth to prevention and intervention services and providing services to minority youth at risk of making contact with the juvenile justice system.