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Programming and Technical Assistance Unit

The Programming and Technical Assistance Unit was established in August 2006.  The unit was founded on the principle of quality improvement. The responsibility of the Programming and Technical Assistance (PTA) Unit is to assess programmatic areas of strengths and needs, develop related implementation plans, provide technical assistance on the implementation and delivery of evidenced-based practices and best practices, and to review the progress made to ensure youth are provided effective delinquency interventions and programming. Technical Assistance Specialists are sent on-site when referrals are accepted.  The Programming and Technical Assistance Unit is fully operational with a seven member team which includes five technical assistance specialists who are located throughout the state. 

The PTA Unit provides programs with a variety of services including, but not limited to:

Providing staff training on:

  • Delivery of evidence-based practices such as Thinking for a Change (T4C) and LifeSkills (LST)
  • Delivery of Best Practices such as the Detention curriculum Teaching Alternatives to Gangs (TAG)
  • Effective behavior management strategies
  • Effective group facilitation skills
  • Implementation of evidence-based and best practices
  • Effective communication strategies with youth (e.g. DJJ Basics of Motivational Interviewing and Stages of Change)


Technical Assistance Specialists provide the following additional services:

  • Facilitate evidence-based groups
  • Develop program/unit action plans to implement evidence-based practices
  • Assist with a re-design of the program’s behavior management system
  • Provide fidelity monitoring of evidence-based curricula and complete final fidelity reports for program supervisors/directors and monitors
  • Document progress of technical assistance provided biweekly and complete Cessation Reports for the Assistant Secretary and Program Directors
  • Maintain records of the Department’s recognized qualified trainers and trained facilitators

The Programming and Technical Assistance Unit provides a variety of resources for staff and providers to use. To find out more about the various resources click here.
To find out more about the various trainings provided click here.


As part of The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice’s effort to implement evidence-based and best practices throughout the continuum of services, The Sourcebook catalogues information regarding cognitive-behavioral curriculums and community-based family therapies that have been proven through research to reduce recidivism and/or criminogenic needs. This document was produced by the Programming and Technical Assistance Unit and contains the most current information available about the delinquency interventions presented. 

PDF 225KB, Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices

White Papers

Toward the Reduction of Recidivism Throughout the Continuum of the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice Services: The Implementation of Evidence-Based Programming and Interventions