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Staff Training

All Staff Must Be Trained

All new contracts, amended contracts, or contracts renewed shall include the contracting entity’s obligation to adopt and comply with the PREA standards for any confinement services provided on behalf of the Department. Contracted providers will be subject to PREA audits, including contract monitoring, to ensure compliance with PREA standards.

Using SkillPro
  • All employees must take the PREA course that is available in SkillPro.  The direct link to the course is provided here.
  • If you work for a provider of contracted services with the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice and you have difficulty accessing SkillPro, please contact your Data Integrity Officer (DIO) for assistance.
  • Once you have completed the PREA course with a passing score, you must complete the Training Acknowledgement Form.  Keep a copy of the form for yourself and provide the original, signed form to your personnel office.  All training forms must be readily available for the PREA auditor upon request.
  • A 24-hour training that covers the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Standards is available for additional training via the American University Washington College of Law, End to Silence website.  This site also provides PREA administrators/instructors with assistance in training program staff, which includes a pre-training checklist, instructor's guides and training modules.

Other Staff Training Resources

  • LBGTQ Presentation:  This 20-minute slideshow presentation (which requires Microsoft® PowerPoint®) provides staff with information about youth who identify as lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, or questioning/queer.  Special attention is given to youth who identify as transgender.  This presentation meets PREA Standard .331 requirements for LGBTQ training.
  • Cross-Gender and Transgender Pat Searches: This video is intended to provide guidance to staff on how to perform cross-gender and transgender pat searches to meet the PREA standard 115.315 requirement.Cross-Gender and Transgender Pat Searches