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Level 1 Agreements & MOUs

Level 1 - Retained by the Deputy Secretary

  • All agreements that require financial commitment or resource allocation.
  • All agreements with a statewide focus, in which the other signatures are those of Secretary or Deputy Secretary (or equivalent rank) of other agencies.
  • All agreements concerned with interagency client data sharing through automated client information systems.

Effective Date Termination Date Review Date Title of Agreement
Statewide 7/1/2020 6/30/2021 N/A SubGrantee SSBB Interagency Agreement YLJ79 - Department of Children and Families  
Statewide  1/1/15  12/31/2020  NA  Memoranda of Agreement between DEO and DJJ to collaborate as partners to ensure youth have information and access to services provided buy the state's workforce system 
Statewide 11/1/13  12/13/17  NA  Memoranda of Understanding between AHCA and DJJ to share information through the accessibility of the Florida Medicaid Management Information System
Statewide   7/1/20  6/30/21  N/A Interagency Agreement between DCF and DJJ for Title XX Social Serviced Block Grant (SSBG) services, State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2020-2021. 
 Statewide 7/1/20  6/30/23  Annual Interagency Agreement 10491 Amendment 3 with the Office of The State Courts Administrator (OSCA)
 Statewide  8/31/12  8/30/14  Annual Interagency Agreement and Amendment #1 between DOC and DJJ for use of inmate labor
 Statewide  3/27/12  3/26/14  Annual Interagency Agreement and Amendment #1 between DOC and DJJ for use of inmate labor in work programs.
 Statewide  12/27/17  6/30/22  N/A ACA, APD, DCF, DJJ, DOE DOH GAL AND FOEL Interagency Agreement for children served by more than one agency.
 Statewide 6/12/2012 6/30/13  NA DJJ, DOE, DCF and APD Interagency Agreement for Coordinated Services for Cross-Over Youth
 Statewide 7/1/12 6/30/13  N/A DOE and DJJ Juvenile Justice Education service Enhancement Annual Cooperative Agreement and Plan
 Statewide  7/1/15  6/30/16  N/A 2014-15 Social Services Block Grant Interagency Agreement with Department of Children and Families
 Statewide  06/06/07  06/05/17 Renewal Date 10/1 DCF and DJJ Title IV-E CINS/FINS Interagency Agreement
 Detention, Probation, and Residential Services
8/9/05 N/A Annual Interagency Agreement between Department of Children and Families (DCF) and DJJ for jointly served youth.
Office of Administrative Services, Bureau of Management Information Systems
Statewide  11/13/15  NA  NA  Software License Agreement with DCF for use of Source Code
Statewide 10/22/12 N/A N/A Memoranda of Understanding for sharing of DCF provided data for jointly served youth.
Statewide 4/12/12 4/11/2015  N/A HSMV License and Motor Vehicle Information Exchange MOU
Circuit 11  6/19/15 NA  NA  Agreement between DJJ and Miami-Dade County IT Deptartment 
Circuit 11 1/12/11 N/A N/A Miami Dade Data Sharing Project
7/01/14  6/30/17  Annual beginning 2017 Service Level Agreement with State of Florida Agency for State Technology
5/9/11 N/A None Memoranda of Understanding - Office of State Courts Administrator (OSCA) - Provision of Juvenile Justice Information System (JJIS) data.
9/23/08 N/A None Interagency Agreement - Office of State Courts Administrator (OSCA) - Access to the Judicial Inquiry System (JIS).
8/6/07 06/30/26 None Interagency Data Sharing Agreement - Department of Children and Families (DCF) - may be renewed in ten year increments
5/20/11 N/A None Interagency Data Sharing Agreement - Department of Children and Families (DCF) - to provide DCF with "read only" access to JJIS
Statewide 3/25/15  3/25/18  None  Interagency Agreement between DCF and DJJ to suspend the Medicaid coverage of youth residing within the facility for thirty days or more.
Statewide  9/29/16  N/A  None  Memoranda of Understanding between the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and DJJ for participation within the Florida Regional Law Enforcement Exchange System (RLEX) 
Office of Inspector General, Background Screening Unit
10/27/09 N/A None DJJ/FDLE User Agreement for Criminal Justice - DJJ  Employees (FL037055C)
9/21/10 N/A None DJJ/FDLE User Agreement for Criminal History Record Check User Agreement - Non-Criminal Justice Purposes (FL921940Z)
Office of Detention Services
Detention Circuit 16 10/25/01 N/A None Maintenance Agreement between Monroe Regional Juvenile Detention Center and Monroe County
Office of Residential Services
11/5/10 11/4/15 None Interagency Agreement between DJJ and Florida Department of Corrections - Transfer of Juvenile Inmates