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Interagency Agreements & Memoranda of Understanding

The Department of Juvenile Justice interagency agreements and memoranda of understanding (MOU) are the cooperative plans that span  across Florida agencies to ensure that the needs of all youth are met. They are stored as PDFs and are organized according to the level or scope of the agreement or memorandum.  For information regarding the development and organization of agreements and memoranda, see Interagency Agreements and Memoranda of Understanding Policy (FDJJ - 2040).

Signed, PDF copies of interagency agreements and memoranda of understanding should be emailed to the Policy/Forms Coordinator for posting on this site.

Due to the number of interagency agreements and memoranda of understanding, they have been broken out according to level based on who has the authority to enter into the agreement. The levels are as follows:

Level 1 - Agreements and MOUs retained by Deputy Secretary (Statewide Agreements)
Level 2 - Delegated to Assistant Secretaries
Level 3 - Delegated to Regional Directors - Review/Approval by HQ Subject Matter Office and General Counsel
Level 4 - Delegated to Regional Directors
Level 5 - Delegated to Regional Directors, may be delegated to Chief Probation Officer or Local DJJ Managers
Education - Local Cooperative Agreements with School Boards (by Circuit) 

A listing of the types of agreement that are contained at these levels is located at the top of each individual level page.