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Risk Assessment Tools


The Department uses a comprehensive assessment and case management process that addresses both criminogenic needs and protective factors, from the moment a youth enters the system to the moment they exit. By outlining the most effective way to work with our youth, while providing efficiencies for staff and programs, we allow for the youth’s time in our care to be used as effectively as possible, and in turn, allow for a more successful effect in reducing their risk to re-offend.

Recognizing the differences in our continuum of care from intake to aftercare, the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice has created assessment instruments and case planning tools that fit these specific environments while sharing the same foundational concepts. Assessments include the Prevention Assessment Tool or PAT, Community Assessment Tool or CAT, and the Residential Assessment for Youth or RAY. Case planning tools include the Youth Empowered Success Plan and the Residential Performance Plan.

The most important aspect of having a common assessment and evaluation process across our continuum of services (from intake through aftercare and release) is that it provides a common language for information sharing across program areas and between programs. Subsequent assessments serve as indicators of progress and improvement that will correlate with recidivism reduction. This information will tell us which of our programs are making the greatest impact and assist with directing limited resources. It also provides a summary of assessment information that outlines a program’s treatment successes by domain or category and will assist staff with identifying appropriate placements, either non-residential or residential.



Contact Information

For PAT, CAT or YES Plan questions:

Amy Greenwald

Statewide Assessment Coordinator

Florida Department of Juvenile Justice
Office of Program Accountability

2737 Centerview Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32399-3100

(850) 717-2554

For RAY questions:

Ashley Schwab

Program & Policy Coordinator

Office of Residential Services
2737 Centerview Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32399-3100

(850) 717-2539
(850) 414-2264