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Contract Management

Contract Management


The Bureau of Contract Management is responsible for conducting ongoing contract management, coordinating program transitions, processing provider invoices for contracted services, and managing provider deficiencies.   The contract manager serves as the primary liaison between the Department and its service providers.

This unified approach to contract management allows the Department to cross-train staff across multiple program areas and standardize procedures statewide to create consistent reporting and provider oversight.

See FDJJ 2000 Policy and Procedures for specific information regarding contract management functions.

The document attached here provides an overview of doing business with the State of Florida and DJJ.  Please review this information if are hoping to contract with DJJ or even if you currently have an executed agreement with the Department.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Bureau Chief, Princilla Brown-Jefferson at 850-717-2625.


Do you need help understanding your contract?  Do some of the legal terms not make sense to you?

At the links below you can access example of contracts that provide a breakdown of the contract document.  This may make understanding your contract a little easier.

These examples do not address everything and there may be specific items in your contract that won't be included in these templates.

As always your contract manager is your primary source for questions and further explanation of your contract.  Feel free to reach out to them for assistance.

Rate Agreement Template

Subrecipient Contract Template

Vendor Contract Template

Contract Initiation

All contracts will go through some sort of contract initiation process.  This process allows the Department to be sure that a provider is qualified and prepared to being providing services to the Department and its youth.  The initiation can be as simply as complying with a checklist of required elements such as background screening and licensing, or more involved including an on-site inspection of the facility/program.  Attached here is a checklist used by the contract manager for the contract initiation process.  It provides a general idea of what the provider can expect when they are going through the contract initiation process.

Background Screening Information

The Department uses a Clearinghouse to process all provider staff background screenings.  For information about the screening process and the Clearinghouse click here.  

JJIS Access

Most providers will need access to the Department's Juvenile Justice Information System (JJIS).  If you need to access the Staff Verification System (SVS), Provider Monitoring and Management (PMM), or other JJIS subsystems, you will need to complete a couple of access forms.  Once completed these forms should be submitted to your contract manager who will work with your local Data Integrity Officer (DIO) to get you trained and access to JJIS.

For information on how to obtain access and the forms to complete please click here.

Contract Reports and Forms

Contracts will often times contain a list of reports that the provider must regularly submit to the Department.  The submissions most often are sent to the contract manager.  The frequency and due dates for submission are outlined in the reports section of the contract.  Listed below are links to access templates for many of the required reports.  If you need one that you do not see one listed below contact our contract manager.  Some of these reports/forms are provided as samples.  A provider may use their already existing reports/forms as long as they contain the required information outlined in these samples.  If you have any questions please consult with your contract manager.

Staff Vacancy Report

Youth Discharge Form - Prevention

Annual Contract Budget

Staff Hire Report  

Residential Staff Vacancy Hire Report- NEW (Residential Only)  

Residential Staff Vacancy Hire Report Instructions - NEW (Residential Only)                                               

Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Monthly Vehicle Maintenance Log

Bundled Invoice (Residential contracts only)

Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP)

Standardized Program Evaluation Protocol (SPEP)

Prevention Monthly Activity Report (MAR) (see Prevention Reporting tab)

Do you need to access the Department's Learning Management System SkillPro?

Click here

Do you need to develop a training plan for your contracted staff to ensure you meet all Department rule and policy requirements?

Click here to access a template that you can use for your training plan development.  If you have questions about the template or how to complete it for your program feel free to contact Maureen Honan via email of by phone at 850-717-2817.

For questions regarding DJJ training requirements please click here to access the Department's Administrative Rule 63H Staff Training.


October 1 -

Your contract may require you to submit an annual contract budget to your contract manager.  Please refer to your contract language and contact your DJJ contract manager if you have any questions about this requirement and if it may or may not apply to you.  A templates for the budget information can be found here.

January 31 -

The Office of Inspector General Background Investigations Annual Affidavit of Compliance with Level 2 Screening Standards is due to your contract manager.

Property and Inventory

For recipient or sub-recipient agreements, property purchased with state funds is considered to be owned by DJJ.  Providers are responsible for maintaining an inventory of any property purchased by them with state dollars.  Most often the only property a provider is responsible to maintain an inventory on is what is termed Operation Capital Outlay (OCO).  OCO is primary property costing $1,000 or more and all computers no matter the cost.  The inventory listing is used during the taking of inventory and in the event a program is closed and the accumulated inventory needs to be accounted for.

Property inventory is taken by the Department during November and April of each year.

It is recommended that the provider use the template attached to track their inventory.  Please refer to your contract language to determine if property inventory is a requirement.