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Circuit 11 Board

Dade Council

Yvonne Woodard

Operations and Training Director

2737 Centerview Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32399

(850) 717-2434

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Annual Reports

Annual Report '17-'18PDF1.18 MB Download
Annual Report 2015DOCX23.68 KB Download

Three Year Plans

Circuit 11 three year planPDF6.92 MB Download
Circuit 11 Three Year PlanDOC457.50 KB Download


Board Agenda, March 2018PDF310.49 KB Download
Board Agenda, January 2017DOCX52.91 KB Download
Board Agenda, October 2011DOC55.50 KB Download
Board Agenda, June 2011DOC39.00 KB Download
Board Agenda, December 2010DOC37.00 KB Download
Board Agenda, November 2010DOC31.50 KB Download
Board Agenda, September 2010DOC31.00 KB Download


Board Minutes, January 2019PDF469.87 KB Download
Board Minutes, June 2017DOCX31.29 KB Download
Board Minutes, January 2017DOCX34.70 KB Download
Board Minutes, October 2016DOCX29.99 KB Download
Board Minutes, September 2016DOCX29.89 KB Download

Public Notices

Public Notice, April 2018DOC29.50 KB Download
Public Notice, March 2018DOC29.50 KB Download
Public Notice, August 2017DOC30.50 KB Download
Public Notice, May 2017DOC29.50 KB Download
Public Notice, February 2017DOC31.00 KB Download
Public Notice, June 2016DOC29.00 KB Download