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Monitoring and Quality Improvement Certified Reviewer

Monitoring and Quality Improvement (MQI) Certified Reviewer training presents the basic skills and information necessary to conduct a review of the Department’s contracted programs and services. The training program is intended for supervisory and management staff from programs and Headquarters, who have been selected to serve as reviewers, as well as representatives from other juvenile justice entities. Any reviewers not meeting minimum requirements for MQI Certified Reviewer status will be required to complete and submit the Waiver For Minimum Qualifications for Certified Reviewer form for consideration by the Bureau Chief.

Training includes goals and objectives of the MQI process, learning review instruments, conducting on-site reviews, thorough documentation, and writing narratives for rating justification. Skill practice and inter-rater reliability activities and competency-based assessments are conducted throughout the training to ensure participants comprehend and can apply the documentation. Participants become acquainted with the three fundamental components of a review: interviews, observations, and documentation. The training concludes with a discussion of general implementation issues and a question-and-answer session. A participant must pass written examinations in order to become a certified reviewer. Upon successful completion of all requirements, participants are certified by the Bureau Chief, which allows them to participate in annual compliance reviews as a certified reviewer.