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Monitoring and Quality Improvement

Review reports, publications and more produced by the DJJ Bureau of Monitoring and Quality Improvement.
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Promoting continuous improvement and accountability in Florida's juvenile justice programs.


The functions of the Bureau of Quality Assurance and the Programming and Technical Assistance Unit have been integrated under an umbrella Bureau of Quality Improvement. By incorporating the initiatives of Quality Assurance and Programming and Technical Assistance, the Bureau of Quality Improvement is in an enhanced position to promote accountability and continuous improvement in juvenile justice programs and services.

The Bureau of Quality Improvement has been formed for the purpose of ensuring a continuous program improvement feedback loop, as demonstrated in the image on the right.

The feedback process outlined is in keeping with a renewed vision toward quality improvement of services provided within Department programs, rather than compliance-oriented measures. This outcome-based focus will assist the Department with moving research-based and best practices to scale throughout all four program areas. The Bureau of Quality Improvement's system reinforces the mission of juvenile justice system improvement.