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Monitoring and Quality Improvement

Review reports, publications and more produced by the DJJ Bureau of Monitoring and Quality Improvement.


Promoting continuous improvement and accountability in Florida's juvenile justice programs.


The Bureau of Monitoring and Quality Improvement is responsible for the assessment of program compliance in areas such as management, operations, and service delivery.  The goal of the Bureau is to accurately and effectively determine the level of performance and quality of services at which juvenile justice programs are achieving the Department’s mission. The Bureau will perform routine oversight activities to ensure DJJ service providers (including State operated services) are meeting performance expectations regarding the services provided to and in support of youth within DJJ’s care. Activities that the Bureau will participate in include: verification that all contractual requirements and/or operational standards are being met; highlight progress that is made over a period of time or used to record areas of needed improvement; coordination and assignment of skilled resources to monitor services; coordination of all monitoring activities to meet the objectives of monitoring in the most efficient manner.