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Juvenile Arrests in Florida Drop to Historic 43-Year Low


December 10, 2018


Amanda Slama

(850) 717-2710

Juvenile Arrests in Florida Drop to Historic 43-Year Low

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice announced today that the number of juvenile arrests continued to decline in 2017-2018, according to the latest delinquency report released by the agency. Juvenile felony arrests dropped 10 percent over the last fiscal year and overall juvenile arrests declined eight percent in the same time frame. These declines continue the multi-year trend of fewer arrests, with a five-year decline of 24 percent, resulting in the lowest number of juvenile arrests in 43 years. 


Florida Department of Juvenile Justice Interim Secretary Timothy Niermann said, “The decreases we are seeing in juvenile arrests are due to the collaborative efforts of our dedicated DJJ staff, law enforcement partners, and community stakeholders. Helping young people turn around their lives for the better is what we all strive for every day, and we remain focused on investing in our youth and helping them achieve a brighter future.”


The current report, covering a five-year period, also shows a 13 percent decrease in armed robbery, a 20 percent decrease in burglary arrests, and a 42 percent decrease in stolen property arrests. Overall misdemeanor offenses also decreased by nine percent during the last fiscal year.


The five counties with the largest populations in Florida continue to show decreases in juvenile arrests over the last fiscal year. The county demonstrating the largest drop was Orange with a 19 percent decrease, followed by Miami Dade with a 16 percent reduction, Hillsborough County with an eight percent decrease, Broward with a seven percent decrease, and Pinellas County with a two percent decline in juvenile arrests.


The Department of Juvenile Justice has worked to transform the juvenile justice system in Florida by implementing comprehensive, data-driven reforms. As a result, Florida has been recognized as a national leader in innovative, evidence-based approaches to juvenile justice and in providing services for young people and families.


To view the full report, click HERE.