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SkillPro status update for 09-05-2014


Status Update

September 5, 2014


  • Exam retakes: exam link is now populating for all users.

Enhancements/Fixes in Progress

  • Three e-courses are under development: Human Trafficking, First Aid and Recognizing Medical Emergencies, and Interpersonal Communications.
  • Password – We are working on a problem being experienced by users who fail to initially set up their security questions. After contacting an administrator and setting up their password as directed by the system, they are being redirected by the system to the password reset screen and must change their password again.
  • Trauma-informed Care e-course is being revised to accommodate providers’ technology limits.

New e-courses under development

  • Human Trafficking
  • First Aid and Recognizing Medical Emergencies
  • Interpersonal Communications

CERTIFICATION EXAMS: Exam proctors are now familiar with the system and process. As a result, SD&T is no longer receiving calls from exam proctors seeking assistance.

TRAINING COORDINATORS: If an instructor-led session is created with the Registration Type set as Administrative Registration, users will not be able to register themselves. They will need to contact the instructor to register for the session. Please direct users to contact the instructor if they are unable to register for an instructor-led session.

Please verify the correct contact information is in SkillPro for each of your staff members. Several users have submitted requests without contact information, and none has been entered on their SkillPro user account. As a result, their issues cannot be resolved. Contact information can be edited by training coordinators, but not by users. Please verify that each user’s email address and telephone number is correct, including the email addresses that are automatically generated for state workers. To do so, click User Admin / Manage User / Manage Position / Position Details. The editable email and telephone number fields are on the lower right side of the page.