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State Advisory Group endorses DJJ’s Roadmap to System Excellence

November 6, 2012 

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (Nov. 6, 2012) – The State Advisory Group (SAG), a panel appointed by Gov. Rick Scott to administer federal funding to combat juvenile delinquency, has unanimously endorsed the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice’s (DJJ) Roadmap to System Excellence.

The Roadmap builds on reforms already underway at DJJ and will guide Florida on the path to becoming the national model for juvenile justice administration.
“The Roadmap is a comprehensive effort by DJJ to deliver the right services to the right youth at the right time,” said SAG Chairman Lucas Boyce. “The State Advisory Group is honored to support the Roadmap and the hope for a brighter future it promises for troubled kids.”

DJJ Secretary Wansley Walters thanked SAG members for their support of the Roadmap and the reforms it encompasses. “I am grateful to Chairman Boyce and the State Advisory Group for their enthusiastic endorsement of the Roadmap to System Excellence,” said Walters. “We have already garnered a number of endorsements for the Roadmap from distinguished groups like the SAG and hope to receive more.”
SAG members, appointed by the Governor, develop and review the state’s three-year Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDPA) Plan and submit recommendations to the Governor and Legislature for improving Florida’s juvenile justice system. SAG members provide input into Florida’s use of funds under the JJDPA.

The SAG is responsible for ensuring Florida’s compliance with JJDPA and providing information about its requirements to state and local policy makers. SAG members review and comment on grant applications for JJDPA and related federal funding awards. They also seek input from juveniles currently involved in the system and their families.

The Roadmap was publicly introduced as a draft on Oct. 12, 2012. The public may comment on it and influence the final shape it will take. Beginning Nov. 15 in Tallahassee, Walters will lead a series of Town Hall meetings across Florida to hear from the public, employees and other stakeholders about the Roadmap.

The Town Hall meeting schedule is posted on the Roadmap to System Excellence webpage. In the meantime, members of the public may submit any comments or questions about the Roadmap to roadmap@djj.state.fl.us. To learn more about the SAG and its membership, click here.