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DJJ Hosts Inter-Agency Trauma Informed Care Training in Tampa

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Tampa -- The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) today hosted a training session for trauma informed care at Hillsborough Community College in Tampa. More than 330 participants were trained, including workers from Florida’s state agencies, as well as local court personnel, community partners and stakeholders.

"Trauma Informed Care training establishes a different perspective for our direct-care staff as we strive to help at-risk and troubled children turn their lives around," said DJJ Deputy Secretary Rod Love, chairman of the DJJ Trauma Informed Care workgroup. "Trauma Informed Care is vital when you consider that an estimated 65 to 70 percent of the children who enter the juvenile justice system have mental health, developmental or substance abuse issues."

Trauma Informed Care is an emerging topic of concern as delinquent youth are matched with services in their individual treatment plans. Many of the youth involved in the juvenile justice system come from environments of abuse, violence and fear. As a result, many of these children experience trauma and exhibit trauma-related mental health problems, such as: substance abuse, aggression, impulse control, attention problems and the inability to develop trust. Treatment strategies that incorporate awareness of the impact of trauma and address core trauma issues enhance treatment effectiveness and reduce barriers to rehabilitation.

In February 2009, representatives from state agencies met with staff from the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors to discuss a statewide Trauma Informed Care Initiative. The initiative, which now includes four of Florida’s state agencies, was launched a few months later.

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