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Program Accountability

Amy Johnson


2737 Centerview Drive
Suite 3100
Tallahassee, FL 32399

(850) 717-2620
(850) 414-1625

Name/Title Phone/Fax Email More
Faye Mack
Administrative Assistant III
(850) 717-2618 faye.mack@djj.state.fl.us
Wendy Pierre-McNealy
Policy Coordinator, Special Projects
(850) 717-2557 Wendy.Pierre-McNealy@DJJ.State.FL.US
Tommy Blankenship
Safety Coordinator
(850) 413-8272 tommy.blankenship@djj.state.fl.us
Christopher Goodman
Bureau Chief, Monitoring and Quality Improvement
(850) 717-2552 Christopher.Goodman@djj.state.fl.us
Beth Davis
Bureau Chief, Contract Management
(850)717-2629 beth.davis@djj.state.fl.us
Bob Roller
Bureau Chief, Contracts
(850) 717-2602 bob.roller@djj.state.fl.us
Amy Greenwald
Supervisor, Programming and Technical Assistance
(850)717-2554 amy.greenwald@djj.state.fl.us