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Executive Leadership Team

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  • Simone Marstiller, Secretary
  • Timothy Niermann, Deputy Secretary
  • Heather DiGiacomo, Deputy Secretary
  • Josefina M. Tamayo, Chief of Staff
  • Garrett Tucker, Acting Assistant Secretary
  • Paul Hatcher, Assistant Secretary
  • Dixie Fosler, Assistant Secretary
  • Alice B. Sims, Assistant Secretary
  • Charles Corley, Health Services Administrator
  • Brian Berkowitz, General Counsel
  • Robert Munson, Inspector General
  • Christopher Goodman, Director of Office of Program Accountability
  • Sherry Jackson, Director of Bureau of Research and Planning
  • Vickie Harris, Director of Administration Services
  • Caroline Ray, Florida Juvenile Justice Foundation Director
  • Amanda Slama, Director of Communications
  • Rachel Moscoso, Director of Legislative Affairs
  • Cina Wilson-Johnson, Director of Staff Development & Training
  • Marti Harkness, Bureau Chief of Budget
  • Julie Orange, Director of Educational Development

DJJ Organizational Chart

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